Curriculum Vitae


Psychology and Statistics, cum laude (California State University, East Bay, 2010)

Research Interests
Mikel Delgado is interested in the mechanisms that support the economic decisions that free-ranging fox squirrels make when deciding when, where and how to cache and retrieve food items. She is also exploring how these decisions may be influenced by emotional states, such as frustration. This work will be among the first to examine the interaction of emotions and decision-making in wild animals. Mikel’s work is supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and the UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Fellowship.

Current Position
Doctoral student in the Psychology Department at UC Berkeley; expected degree 2016.

Alternate Life
Avid vegetarian cook, baseball fan and bicyclist, Mikel co-owns Feline Minds, a consulting business that helps pet owners solve behavior problems with their cats. She also enjoys volunteering and DJing at KALX, UC Berkeley’s radio station. Before she returned to college, she worked in an animal shelter and played bass guitar in rock bands for many years.


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